NEMO and Océ agree on partnership

NEMO and Océ announce today that they have entered into a partnership. As one of the top Dutch investors in research and development, Océ-Technologies B.V. aims to make scientists enthusiastic about technology. Océ supports NEMO in making academic knowledge accessible to a wide audience. Partly thanks to Océ’s contribution, it is possible, for example, to offer school visits at a reduced rate.


‘As Canon’s innovation center, we believe it is important to show the impact of technology and science on our world. This partnership fits very well with Canon’s company philosophy Kyosei. This is a Japanese word that means ‘working and living together for the common good’. School visits to NEMO contribute to the development and training of young people in the Netherlands, which is very important ‘, says Anton Schaaf, Océ’s Chief Executive Officer.


Passion for innovation

“The support and involvement of Océ is of strong added value for NEMO, partly because Océ shares our passion for innovation and sees the importance of science and technology for our society, now and in the future. We are proud to welcome Océ as a new partner of NEMO, “says Michiel Buchel, director of NEMO.

Motivating teenagers to choose science

A few weeks ago, Océ provided a case during the NEMO youth panel in which a group of critical young people between the ages of 12 and 18 were enthusiastically engaged in the question “How do you make a beta career attractive?” The youth panel is part of the EU project Hypatia. In this project, companies, schools, museums and research institutions take on the challenge to let more teenagers, and especially girls, opt for science education and careers.

‘The fresh look of the young people ensured that we also looked at our brand and our products with different eyes,’ says Els Oostveen, one of Océ’s representatives. ‘The young people found printing cool, they were especially impressed with the elevated printing technology. It was valuable to see how young people view technology and deal with career choices. ‘

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