Empower your printing with PRISMA

PRISMA is our range of workflow applications, and printer monitoring and management tools for in-house print centres, commercial printers, print service providers up to high-volume print factories.

PRISMA ApplicationsPRISMA Tools

PRISMA Workflow Applications

Workflow applications for in-house print centres and commercial printers up to high-volume print factories.

PRISMAprepare Go is the easy way to begin migrating your job submission and print production workflows to the cloud without specialized training.

PRISMAprepare is an integrated job preparation application that increases productivity by automating routine and complex, time-consuming processes in prepress workflows: from composition through production.

PRISMAdirect is a print job order handling application that integrates in existing workflows, to maximize efficiency and increase customer service levels, including for rush jobs.

PRISMAsync is Canon’s own developed print server that processes jobs, and monitors and controls printer functions from the heart of the digital press.
Watch the PRISMAsync overview video.

PRISMAproduction is a high-performance print factory workflow and output management application. It provides a single environment to automate data conversion, pre-press tasks and print production processes.

PRISMAsimulate Ultra is an easy-to-integrate on-premises application, with a Universal PDF Estimator to prepare a more accurate quotation for customers quickly and Printer Simulation Packages that offer – for web-fed presses – scalable layout proofing and production simulations.

PRISMAguide XL is a powerful design and workflow management application for Arizona and Colorado, enabling Print Service Providers and industrial printing companies to automate and simplify print job production, first time right.

PRISMAelevate XL is an easy-to-use software application that creates tactile print applications and produce outstanding-quality elevated prints up to 2 mm on Arizona flatbed series.

PRISMproduce Tech is a powerful workflow application and a user-friendly way to create document sets of dozens of files and submit them easily to your plotWAVE, colorWAVE and a selection of imagePROGRAF printers


Printer monitoring and management tools to manage the critical aspects of their print operation and business.

PRISMAlytics Accounting is a simple and secure cloud-based tool providing full and accurate print data capturing for cost charging and usage monitoring for all PRISMAsync-driven devices.

PRISMAlytics Dashboard is a production management information tool that presents comprehensive and accurate overviews of print operations driven by PRISMAsync and other selected controllers.