Log4j vulnerability

Last updated: 8 March 2022

We are currently in the process of investigating the impact of the ‘Log4j’ vulnerability on Canon Production Printing (CPP) products and services. As information comes to light, we will update this notification.

The table below gives the vulnerability status for the Canon Production Printing hardware and software products listed. Please check back regularly to be informed regarding the updated status.

Products assessed and status

Cutsheet and Toner Systems / Inkjet Sheetfed Press

Products Status
PRISMAsync print server based products  Not impacted 2
varioPRINT 140 series Not impacted 2
varioPRINT 6000 series Not impacted 2
varioPRINT i-series Not impacted 2
varioPRINT iX-series Not impacted 2
Service Control Station (SCS) for VPi300 series and VPiX  series Not impacted 2
Tablet for VPi300 series and VPiX series Not impacted 2
PRISMAsync i300/iX Simulator Not impacted 2
PRISMAprepare V6 Not impacted 2
PRISMAprepare V7 Not impacted 2
PRISMAprepare V8 Not impacted 2
PRISMAdirect V1 Not impacted 2
PRISMAprofiler Not impacted 2
PRISMAprepare Go
PRISMAlytics Accounting
Not impacted 2

Continuous Printing

Products Status
ColorStream 3×00ColorStream 3x00Z Not impacted 1
ColorStream 6000 Not impacted 1
ColorStream 8000 Not impacted 1
ProStream 1×00 Not impacted 1
LabelStream 4000 series Not impacted 1
ImageStream Not impacted 1
JetStream V1JetStream V2 Not impacted 1
VarioStream 4000 Not impacted 1
VarioStream 7000 series Not impacted 1
VarioStream 8000 Not impacted 1
PRISMAproduction Server V5 Not impacted 1
PRISMAproduction Host Not impacted 1
PRISMAspool Not impacted 1
DocSetter Not impacted 1
DPconvert Not impacted 1
PRISMAcontrol Not impacted 1
TrueProof Not impacted 1

Large Format Graphics

Products Status
Arizona series Not impacted 1
Colorado series Not impacted 1
ONYX HUB Patch available 1
ONYX Thrive Patch available 1
ONYX ProductionHouse Patch available 1

Technical Documentation Systems

Products Status
TDS series Not impacted 2
PlotWave series Not impacted 2
ColorWave series Not impacted 2
Scanner Professional Not impacted 2
Driver Select, Driver Express, Publisher Mobile Not impacted 2
Publisher Select Not impacted 2
Account Console Not impacted 2
Repro Desk Not impacted 2

Service & Support Tools

Products Status
On Remote Service Not impacted 2
Technical Service Manual Not impacted 2
Advisory Dashboard – Analysis & Maintenance Not impacted 2

*1: applies for CVE-2021-44228 / CVE-2021-45046
*2: applies for CVE-2021-44228 / CVE-2021-45046 / CVE-2022-23302 / CVE-2022-23305 / CVE-2022-23307