New headquarter Canon Production Printing in use

Canon Production Printing headquarter

Venlo, 10 July 2020 — Canon Production Printing opened its new international headquarters building in Venlo for business. Canon staff will gradually start working in the new building with an adjusted maximum occupancy rate in place in order to adhere to social distancing regulations.

Construction of the building, also known as the Green Landmark, started in April 2018, and replaces three older office buildings. Due to its unique design, it is possible to add more office space by placing additional floors in the 2-story high “green plaza’s” if needed in the future.

All head office functions will have a new joint home in this striking and sustainable building. The office environment has a modern and representative design, focused on collaboration and information sharing. The combination of design, materials, use of natural colors and the spacious layout with a lot of greenery make it a pleasant and very friendly working environment.

Due to the sunroof facades, an energy efficient heat and cold water storage system and LED lighting, the building has a low energy consumption. In addition, there are solar panels all over the roof and solar cells in the glass roof of the atrium.

With this new headquarter building, Canon Production Printing is ready for the future.

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