Printing on wood

Printing on wood gives a unique character to the application

Printing on wood gives a unique character to the application. Post coating with a UV protective coating can insure durability on inexpensive artificial materials such as fiberboard that could be affixed to a wall.

Printing on large sheets or customized smaller items

We make printing on wood applications very easy. Whether you want to print on full-sheets of plywood or mdf or you need to add custom graphics to smaller objects, we have a printing system that will fit your application needs. Print directly onto wooden boards or smaller wooden customised items with our Arizona UV flatbeds or wrap wooden items with graphics using our Colorado roll-to-roll printers with UVgel technology. You’ve got options.

Textured applications with that magic touch

With Touchstone you can give your business the edge with sophisticated and easy-to-use elevated printing technology to target new, high-end markets. Touchstone produces elevated print applications with high-quality textured results.

Printers for printing on wood