SRA controller

Streamlining production printing

As the gateway from the front-end to the printing system, the SRA (Scalable Raster Architecture) controller is uniquely designed for high-volume production printing environments. Its job is to transform data in page description languages (PDL) such as IPDS, PCL or PDF into a high-resolution raster image for output on a printing system – and to do so fast enough to enable uninterrupted printing at full engine speed in both monochrome and full-color digital printing, at excellent quality across a huge range of application requirements.

Output compatible across all SRA equipped systems

By utilizing the same SRA Controller architecture across the range, we have created a consistent platform covering every printing technology and application. Since the kernel code basis driving the various print engines is identical, output compatibility between all printing technologies and printer versions is guaranteed. Applications can be shifted easily between printers, using smaller engines as proofing and back-up systems without having to interrupt high-productivity printers for the production of proofs.