Agreement with works council on reorganization

In recent weeks Océ has been discussing three changes in the organization.

Agreement was reached with the works council on the reorganization of the Corporate Communications and Business Services departments. This resulted in the loss of 20 jobs and a social paragraph was drawn up for those involved, which was read and accepted by the works council. The additional advisory points provided by the Works Council have been adopted by the company.

A shift will take place at the Business Unit, whereby 3 jobs will be lost but 8 new jobs will be created. A net increase.

Today, the Works Council issued a positive advice. We will study the advice and take a decision as soon as possible.

This morning’s communication by the FNV, De Unie and CNV is therefore outdated and disturbs a constructive dialogue within the company. We will continue our dialogue with the unions in order to arrive at a future social plan.

Océ Management

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